Customized Learning for your Child with Autism

Skill Champ uses your interactive, customized lessons to teach early learners new skills! Combine any of the 10 early academic lessons with your student’s favorite theme to create engaging lessons – use sailboats to teach numbers or train signs to teach colors!

Skill Champ Features

10 Lessons for Early Learners

Choose from 10 pre-academic skills, ranging from matching colors to completing patterns to recognizing happy & sad faces. Each skill adapts in difficulty depending on your child's performance to ensure they are always learning at their optimal level.

10 High Interest Themes

Each lesson can be customized by selecting one of 10 high interest themes, including farm animals, princesses, food, or trains. Each theme uses realistic, photo images to make it age appropriate for nearly any child.

Printable Curriculum

Each iPad lesson also comes with its own printable curriculum to help your child practice their skills on and off the iPad. Printable worksheets and games can be downloaded from a link found within the app.

What Parents & Teachers Are Saying

“Thank you for developing this great app that integrates learning into everyday activities!”

- Tracy Stittleburg, Parent

"One student was able to complete a counting file folder without assistance. I have been working on that skill all year with her and I had no success until using the Skill Champ materials."

- Elana Harris, Teacher, Giant Steps

"Love it! I've been using this app with my grandson who is almost 2. He can not get enough of it! He loves the sounds and the pictures (especially the cars) and has learned a lot already. Looking forward to more lessons in the future."

- App Store Review

"Beautifully Designed App - Simple, colorful, easy to use learning app that is great for parents and teachers working with either autistic children or typically developing children Preschool/Kindergarten. Love the positive, humorous images at the end of each lesson!"

- App Store Review

"Awesome!: Great app for use in the classroom and at home. Includes feedback for adult on how the child performed and allows adults to decide when the child can switch from practicing one skill to another. Definitely recommend for a variety of learners!"

- App Store Review

"Big thank you to the creator of this app! This is what we have been waiting for: it is thorough and engaging. My son loved the graphics and I loved the downloads. I can't wait to see what you have in store for app2!"

- App Store Review

"Inovative!: Eye-catching graphics, sounds, and educational too. A great idea and teaching tool."

- App Store Review

"This is a much needed autism friendly app. It is structured so the students have clear expectations and it is very visual. Love the themes and the option to design own lessons! Looking forward to using with all ages and abilities!"

- App Store Review

"What I have been waiting for! This is an amazing app for students with autism - it is interactive and dynamic and I look forward to seeing students learn and grow using this app…hoping there will be more apps to come like this!"

- App Store Review

"This app was great for my son. Very simple to use and he can spend a lot of time learning without getting frustrated!"

- App Store Review

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