Infiniteach was founded to change the way we educate and support individuals with autism. The staggering increase in the prevalence of autism - up more than 600% in the past two decades alone – has created a void in effective services and products. Furthermore, in the United States, is estimated that we spend $2.4 million dollars in lifetime care for each individual with autism (Autism Speaks, 2012). As the prevalence and costs of autism education continue to rise, it is imperative that we develop comprehensive and cost-effective solutions that help every child on the spectrum.

At Infiniteach, we’re incredibly passionate about developing innovative digital apps to improve autism education and increase autism accessibility within the community. And we want to do it in a way that is affordable and scalable, so that every child and every family can access these tools.

Each app we develop is embedded with best practice autism interventions and proven strategies that increase independence and improve quality of life for individuals with autism. We're building apps for the autism community, with the autism community - join us!


Our Team

Katie Hench

Co-founder • Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Flint

Co-founder • Chief Creative Officer

Marty Trzpit

Chief Technology Officer

Lally Daley

Co-founder • VP of Partnerships

Ned Williams

 Lead Media Editor