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Core Skills iPad App

An innovative autism app that supports your child by creating lessons that align social, communication, and academic skills.

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Infinite Possibilities for Children with Autism

Infiniteach Autism Core Skills teaches early academic, social, and communication skills that are interactive and engaging for verbal or nonverbal learners. Autism Core Skills quickly and easily customizes each lesson based on your student's interests, attention span, and skill level.

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All in One Educational Learning Platform

Teaching Pre-K through Third Grade Lessons

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Pre-academic lessons teach basic lessons that can your child gain skills and foster independence.

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Various academic lessons and stream lined graphics can empower your child to love learning!

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Choose from a variety of other academic lessons such as reading and spelling.

Practice Social & Communication Skills

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A Unified Way to Collaborate and Engage with Individuals with Autism:

Our social and communication piece allows students to build skills that can help them communicate socially with other students or peers. All lessons are customized just for your child to thrive in a social setting. Building social and communication skills has never been easier!

Tracking Your Student's Progress with Data Collection

Make sure your child is on an upward slope of success. With Autism Core Skills, tracking progress gets easier. Share their progress by printing or emailing to parents or other teachers!

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Customized Learning Just for Your Child

Customized Profiles:
Our autism app is designed just for individuals with autism! Lessons are easily customized all based on their interests and attention span. Making learning easy and fun for your student!

“I love that we can customize the app for individual students.”

– Kathleen Kawalowski, Chicago Public Schools teacher

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Generalization of Skills Off the iPad

Our autism app comes with a free printable curriculum that can be downloaded straight from our website. Looking for some samples before signing up for a subscription?

Don't Just Hear it From Us!

“Overall it's nice to have in the classroom, because I know it's structured in a way that they understand independently and I enjoy using the app.”

- Amanda H, Hope School

“This is the only app that my six year old ASD boy will attend to for more than 5 minutes. GREAT imagery makes him want to work for rewards.”

- Alexandria M, Florida

“The Infinteach apps has greatly increased classroom participation for my lowest functioning students by keeping them engaged with the sounds and visuals.”

-Siobhan Fleming, North Grand High School

“I found the app easy to navigate, customize and I also enjoyed that all narration and visual effects looked streamlined and professional.”

- Cynthia, Smart Apps for Kids

“Autism Core Skills does an outstanding job of being engaging and entertaining for a population that frequently has difficulties with attention and focus.”

- Best Apps for Kids

“I have spent hours exploring Autism Core Skills, and have found lots of great lessons which I tested out with my son.”

- Reviewer from The iMums

“This app is allowing me to see what my students really know and understand. I have several students with autism that have high adaptive skills so it is difficult to really know what they understand and have retained, this program gives my students the opportunity to show me what they know in a fun way. The graphs that can be viewed for daily use or by skill is very informative! Having access to printable for independent work or homework is great. Then being able to enter that data from the printable into the graphs is just icing on the cake! This app is money well spent and I am looking forward to seeing how the app continues to update and progress!”

- App Store Review

Empower Individuals with Autism

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