We develop iPad apps to help children with autism learn, build skills, and grow.

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Creating Infinite Possibilities for Our Children with Autism

Infiniteach is giving every child access to high quality autism resources by developing innovative autism apps. We’re taking a proven process – customized, data-driven intervention – and putting it on a tablet to help individuals with autism gain new skills, increase their independence, and develop meaningful relationships.



We believe every individual with autism deserves access to life-changing interventions, so we're leveraging technology to make effective, high quality resources available to all.


We are working with the autism community to create expert-developed content that enables individuals with autism to thrive in every setting.


“I saw students display skills that I never knew they had. One student was able to complete a counting file folder without assistance. I have been working on that skill all year and I had no success until using the Skill Champ materials.”

-- Elana Harris, Teacher, Giant Steps

“Really enjoyed trying out this app & surprisingly it seemed to hold his attention for about 5 minutes or so at a time, he's 2! Thank you for developing this great app that integrates learning into everyday activities!”

-- Tracy Stittleburg, Parent