We develop iPad apps to help children with Autism build skills, learn and grow.

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Infiniteach Overview

Infiniteach is based on best practice Autism strategy. We're taking interventions and ideas that
have been proven to work with children with Autism. Many students with Autism respond
well with technology. So that is why we are creating a digital customizable curriculum
in our iPad apps to help students learn meaningful skills to live independent lives.


Customized Profile

Input information on your child's skills, interests, and learning style.

Individualized Lessons

Watch your child's skills grow through personalized lessons.


Track your child's progress and share data with others.


“I saw students display skills that I never knew they had. One student was able to complete a counting file folder without assistance. I have been working on that skill all year with her and I had no success until using the Skill Champ materials.”

-- Elana Harris, Teacher, Giant Steps

“Really enjoyed trying out this app & surprisingly it seemed to hold his attention for about 5 minutes or so at a time, he's 2! Thank you for developing this great app that integrates learning into everyday activities!”

-- Tracy Stittleburg, Parent

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